Trinity Mysterious System

The game features:

Unknown and mysterious live gaming world of the new planet Trinity brings unpredictable moments into routine life of a character. Try to take a risk and eat an unstudied deliciously smelling fruit or to smell beautiful flower – the result will not always please you. A walk on an unusual looking grass field which will turn up to be a swamp with deadly traps… And other delights on the unknown planet will amaze you with surprises and extreme.

Life and health of your character directly depends on the world – weather, time of a day, location of the city, level of the exploration of nature. Be patient and alert, explore the planet Trinity generation after generation.

Life mode:

Create your own unique character or play with default citizens. Your game 100% depends on your character, his needs, temperament, mood, fears, desires, habits and reputation.

Live the life of your family generation after generation.

Observe emotions of your realistic character they will tell you his thoughts and feelings from the task that you gave him and will he fulfil it at all. Many unexpected reactions of your character will cheer you up.

City mode:

Build new cities. Mine unknown resources, study local flora and fauna, develop professions and improve your city from first to the highest level, develop it to megalopolis with its suburbs and new buildings.

Build mode:

It gives you an ability to build unique houses that will give you city the style you want.

The game will have the Tools that will give players an ability to add custom content into the Trinity.

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The game is developed on the Unreal Engine 4.

With appreciation Octopus Entertainment.