Seungyul Oh

I am a game programmer with strong passion for gaming. I enjoy challenges and projects that require me to work outside of my comfort zone and knowledge set.


-C/C++, STL, WinAPI, MFC, DirectX, HLSL

-Strong 3D math skills

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Iaroslav Burlii

I have more than 10 years in software development.

Experience and skills:
- C/C++ (including C++11): Library, SDK and standards: STL, Boost, OpenCV, OpenGL, Intel RealSense SDK, Qt SDK v4.x and v5.x including QML, Unix low level (POSIX Threads, sockets, process, mutex, semaphore), Apple (Cocoa, Carbon), Havok SDK, Havok Vision SDK, Ogre3D, Magick++, Win32 API, OpenSSL, PCAP, plugins for Notepad++ 

- JavaScript:
AngularJS, ThreeJS + WebGL, Shaders GLSL

- Network programming:
TCP/IP, UDP, client server technology, multithreaded server, Good understanding of the protocols: HTTP, FTP, SMTP, SNTP. Create client/server on MS Windows, Linux and MacOS. Work with bluetooth in low level, create driver for thermal mini printers like Bixolon SPP-R200, Citizen CMP-10. Tested Google SPDY protocol with Wireshark. Can create plugins for Wireshark.