Dmitriy Koval

Experienced in:
-3d-modelind (high/low-poly),
-texturing and mapping,
-character design, rendering,
-props and environment modeling.

Improving skills/knowledge in:
-character rigging,
-digital painting,
-Unreal Engine.

In our team of like minded people we create a new world!
Follow the news! We will show you all the steps in our world's development.
Explore it with us! Join this journey of creation of mysterious world Trinity.



Ira Kondratyuk

I am a 3d animator with a three year of experience. My first works were performed at computer academy, where I studied. Then I worked as a modeler and animator at an animation studio of the production of cartoons. Also, I have a big experience in creating animation for computer games.

I have knowledge in the whole process of:
-animation, from ideas, sketches, modeling, texturing, rigging to animation,
-visualization, rendering, editing and post processing.

I can make a full setup of the character, including facial rig.
I have good knowledge in the classical animation and 12 principles of animation. 

Our Game will be very interesting and exciting that will plunge into the world of adventures and mysteries of the inhabitants of the planet Trinity.