Welcome to our site

The young and ambitious team of Octopus Entertainment is brought together with a positive vision of the world, shared love to computer games, creativity, learning new and creation of the impossible. Our potential – talented, hard-working and cohesive team of game developers, writers, designers, artists and programmers.

We rely on the experience of gamers and fans, a well as developers with many years of experience. We listen to their opinions and suggestions. We believe that having a close dialogue with our potential customers, will help us to create the game that millions want to play!

The basic principles of our game

We are developing the high-quality game with rich history, characteristic characters, a large world and fun, exciting scenario.

For creating the game is being used the powerful graphics engine «Unreal Engine», which makes it possible to create a reality on your computers, which has not been seen in the simulator life games.

There is a very high competition amongst the action and shooter games, they have practically overflowed the game industry. At the same time, life simulator game does not have any competitors. That is why we decided to create a new project in life simulation genre.

Let's play with humour! Adventures and positive emotions throughout the game.